Baby Shower Ideas and Games

Baby Shower Ideas and Games

Baby Shower Ideas:

For ideas on Baby Shower Themes  CLICK HERE

A must do at every baby showers  CLICK HERE

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Baby Shower Games:

Having a baby game    CLICK HERE

Mommy Multi-Tasking  CLICK HERE

Pass Present Left - Right Game  CLICK HERE

Safety Pin Game   CLICK HERE 

Guess the Baby's Birth Game  CLICK HERE

Out of the Mouth's of Babies   CLICK HERE

Baby Bottle Drinking Race   CLICK HERE

Feed the Baby Contest   CLICK HERE

Blindfold Diapering  CLICK HERE

Finish the Nursery Rhyme   CLICK HERE

Baby Gift Bingo  CLICK HERE

Bottle Races   CLICK HERE 

Guess How Many Safety Pins   CLICK HERE

Guess the Gerbers  CLICK HERE

Never Say Baby  CLICK HERE

Guess Mommy's Tummy Size  CLICK HERE

Baby Word Scramble  CLICK HERE

Guess the Number of Diapers   CLICK HERE

Baby Clean up Relay  CLICK HERE