Baby showers by mail was literally the best baby gift! My baby is almost 4 months and I haven’t had to purchase any diapers! I was so surprised the first box came overnight! And then the second case came within a week during the Covid19 pandemic, and during a shortage! Thank you so much for being there for us new moms! Amy

Diapers came within a week during the Covid 19 pandemic

Baby Showers by Mail, THE BEST GIFT, I mean its my first baby but this is hands down the best gift and service I was gifted. The customer service, i would give 20 starts out of 10. The response to email or any questions i had was awesome and always so fast! I didn’t even know this was a thing, but now that I do I will definitely be using this for any preggo friends. 🙂 You guys rock!

The Best Gift

I received a diaper subscription as a gift when we had our son 5 months ago, I had never heard of Baby Showers by Mail but I can say I’m sooo glad someone had and thought of us! This service has been a tremendous help and a blessing! I recently worked with customer service on a mishap and it was nothing but a pleasure to work with them! I highly recommend this for anyone expecting!

This service has been a tremendous help and blessing!

Baby Showers By Mail is a great service! The items I received for my son were perfect and age appropriate. They were cute and well thought out. The two board books were original and creative. The whole experience with them had been amazing! This company caters to so much more than JUST baby shower gifts. They are great for birthdays and other gifting occasions. Very impressed! Definitely would recommend.

Very impressed! Definitely would recommend.

Baby Showers By Mail was the best gift that I received at my baby shower. We received 13 cases of diapers from my mother in law. My daughter is 14 months and we just received our last case. It was so nice to be able to send an email off when we needed a case and we would literally have the case a couple of days later. If you know someone that is having a baby I would definitely recommend using Baby Showers By Mail to purchase a gift. They are fantastic!

They are fantastic!

BabyShowersByMail was hands down the best gift I received when I had my son. My husband’s family gifted us a years worth of diapers (13 cases) and it has been an absolute blessing! My son is now 15 months old and we still have 1 case left on our service! BabyShowersByMail is my new favorite gift for friends and family expecting a little one. Not only is the gift practical, but it also alleviates you having boxes of diapers taking up space in your house. You always have the right size diaper and the company is great with their communication and getting the diapers sent to you in an efficient manner. I would absolutely recommend this company to any individual looking to purchase a gift for an expecting mom or dad!

Hands down the best gift I received.