3 Month Baby Gift of Books and Toys


This amazing baby gift is going to be loved by both mom and baby.   Three boxes that each contain a great assortment of brand names baby products and is designed specifically for baby’s development.

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For our 3 month baby gift of books and toys we will ship out three boxes over babies first three months.   Box one will ship out with the gift announcement.  Then we get baby’s birthday and send out the other boxes automatically each month.  If you would like 3 boxes of later months, please select starting month in the message box.

Box one is designed to begin the bonding between parent and baby. We want you to start the stimulation of baby’s senses such as touch and sight. Box one will include many items that will introduce baby to the world! Here is what will be included in box one:

  • 100% muslin swaddle blanket, “Hello, Garden Bugs” book, Fabric Wood Teether, Chomp the Dinosaur Blankie, Special gift for mom

Box two is designed for two-month-olds. This box is designed to stimulate baby’s sense of hearing and sight.  We want parent and baby to enjoy their time together through sound and reading books. Here is what will be included in box two:

  • “What Can I Hear” book,“Tummy Time, Happy Baby” book, Wrist Rattle, Sassy Spin Rattle, a cute Teether activity toy, Special Gift for mom

Baby is three months! Time for another box to engage with baby. Box three is to encourage movement, colors, and touch. This is a fun box to watch baby interact. Here is what will be included in box three:

  •  “Touch & Tickle” book, “Wiggle and Move” book, Jitterbug by Sassy Toy, WubbaNub Pacifier, Taggie Blanket





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