6 Months Diaper and Wipes Delivery


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6 Months Diaper and Wipes Delivery Service



6 Months Diaper and Wipes

Giving a gift of diaper and wipes delivery service from Baby Showers By Mail doesn’t just pamper parents, it gives parents more time to pamper baby. What a pleasure to give and receive such a generous gift.

We will send a welcome kit in a beautiful gift bag containing your little gift, a personal greeting card, a letter explaining the generous gift, and instructions on how to re-order diapers and wipes when mom is ready. Mom will never be stuck without diapers or wipes. Mom then gets a total of six cases of diapers and two cases of wipes sent out over the term of the gift. Our diaper cases will last most families about a month, but please note this varies based on brand and size that mom chooses.



The price includes shipping within the continental U.S. Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska will be higher and we will contact you to discuss additional charges before processing your order.

Additional information

Send Date for Welcome Kit

SEND NOW – w/Don't open until Christmas sticker, SEND NOW, SEND LATER (choose date at checkout)

Send Welcome Kit To

Recipient, Giver (Me)

Gift to Include with Welcome Kit

Barnyard Dance, Elephant Toy, Penguin Rattle, Snowman Rattle, Caramel Bear, Cotton Swaddle Blanket Elephant Giraffe Print

15 reviews for 6 Months Diaper and Wipes Delivery

  1. Ashley

    I received a diaper and wipe delivery service for six months as a shower gift from a dear friend. It was awesome to have everything come straight to my door when I needed it. Being a new mother, it’s hard to get out of the house for errands. Thanks for making my life easier and providing this service.

  2. Amy S.

    This was the absolute best baby shower gift I received! The customer service has been amazing and I have received my diapers and wipes super fast each month after ordering them. There are plenty of options for both diapers and wipes to choose from and you can change diaper size with each shipment. I highly recommend this company!
    -Amy S

  3. Dawn

    I placed an order for my neighbor and was emailed the welcome letter so I could present to her the next day at the baby shower. Once she placed her 1st order she received her diapers within 3 days. Best baby shower gift ever.

  4. Katie K

    Baby Showers By Mail, was the best gift I received! As a first time mom, I had no idea how many diapers you go through! It was so easy to email the team and receive my order a few days later! Prompt service, quick turnaround and convenient! I highly recommend this as a gift for someone expecting or as an addition to your registry. Among all the challenges as a new mom, buying diapers was one thing I didn’t have to worry about. I am grateful for diapers, and better yet, ones delivered to the doorstep! Thank you again!

    Katie K

  5. Karla

    Best baby shower gift I received! Didn’t have to worry about diapers or wipes for 7 months- what a treat! The customer service was fantastic- super helpful and always prompt. I recommend this gift to everyone. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Emily J

    Having my diapers and wipes delivered right to my doorstep was so nice. This business is such a good idea! Thanks again!

  7. Dean

    We REALLY appreciate all your help with this. You’ve gone beyond just good customer service into the realm of “where the heck did you come from, and why are you treating us so well?”

    Thanks, Dean

  8. Deb

    I would like to make my final request for diapers. Thank you so much for your great service. I thank my girlfriends for such a great gift all the time. I will be sure to share your business info with all my friends and family. Thanks Again

  9. April

    Thank you for the service, this has been a great gift for my family.

  10. Wendy

    Thank you so much! This has been an amazing service. I will definitely recommend this to others.

  11. Leslie

    Thank you so much for the GREAT customer service – I just loved getting my diapers delivered to my door!


  12. Michele

    Thank you to my co-workers for giving the BEST baby Gift EVER!!! I didn’t have to worry about diaper or wipes for 6 months! Friendly people and great service!
    Thanks a million!

  13. Faye Johnson and Family

    I can’t thank you and the team at Baby Showers By Mail enough for the wonderful service I have received. This was a fabulous gift and fabulous service.


  14. James

    “Baby showers by mail has been a huge blessing to my family and I. Everyone we’ve worked with has been extremely polite and diligent about getting our order fulfilled as quickly as possible! I would recommend this service to anyone with a baby. It really takes a lot of stress off of parents.” The James Family

  15. Anavid

    The service was great! One of the best baby gifts I received was to not have to leave my house to buy diapers and wipes. Highly recommend to new moms. Anavid

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