9 Month Baby Gift of Books and Toys


This amazing baby gift is going to WOW.   Nine boxes that each contain an assortment of brand name baby products and is designed for baby’s development.


We will ship out nine boxes, one each month for nine months. Each box contains books and toys perfectly chosen for baby’s age.   Box one will ship out with the gift announcement.


Box one is designed to begin the bonding between parent and baby. We want you to start the stimulation of baby’s senses such as touch and sight. Box one will include many items that will introduce baby to the world! Here is what will be included in box one:

  • 100% muslin swaddle blanket, “Hello, Garden Bugs” book, Fabric Wood Teether, Chomp the Dinosaur Blankie, Special gift for mom


Box two is designed for two-month-olds. This box is designed to stimulate baby’s sense of hearing and sight. Lots of noise makers will come out of this one! Everything in this box is perfect to start tummy time with baby and keeping them occupied. Baby Discovery Box wants parent and baby to enjoy their time together through sound and reading books. Here is what will be included in box two:

  • “What Can I Hear” book,“Tummy Time, Happy Baby” book, Wrist Rattle, Sassy Spin Rattle, a cute Teether activity toy, Special Gift for mom


Baby is three months! Time for another box to engage with baby. Box three is to encourage movement, colors, and touch. Your baby is becoming more aware every day. As you watch your baby at three months, you should see some early signs of hand-eye coordination. Your baby’s hands can open and shut and will start to swipe at colorful dangling toys and might even briefly grab at it. This is a fun box to watch baby interact. Here is what will be included in box three:


  •  “Touch & Tickle” book, “Wiggle and Move” book, Jitterbug by Sassy Toy, WubbaNub Pacifier, Taggie Blanket



Box four is all about bright colors. Baby’s color differences are starting to become clearer and can start to distinguish between similar shades. Present baby with a variety of colors in books, toys, and colors. This box is perfect for that. Here is what will be included in box four:

  • “B is for Bear” book, Color Ring Rattle, Flappy Rattle Plush, Atom Teether Toy, Go-Go bug, Burt’s Bees Lotion


It’s all about touch. Box five lets your little one explore all different types texture. Your baby will lift and hold objects now on their own but will still use their mouth to feel objects. Play is so important for learning and development. Look for different textures – smooth, rough, hard, or soft. Babies learn about the world through touch. Here is what will be included in box five:

  • “What Can I Feel?” book, Flutterby Teether, Pup Activity Cub, Silk Scarves, Special gift for mom


Half way to a year! Box six will get your little one’s imagination really going. Your baby is starting to remember things, like her favorite toys, books, and people. Reading and talking about the pictures in books will expand your baby’s creativity. That is why every box receives a book. Reading is key to babies learning. Here is what will be included in box six:

  • “The Going To Bed Book”,  “Are You A Cow?” book, Green Sprouts Sprout Ware Stacking Cups, Bunny Rabbit Teething Ring, Angel Dear Cow Blankie, Burt’s Bees Shampoo & Wash sample

Box 7 is all about taste! Your little one is now getting introduced to solids and all the different flavors of food. How exciting! They are going to love some flavors and they are going to hate some. Watch for all the silly reactions you will get. Might want to have your camera ready! Also, your little one might be teething and in this box you will get some great teethers. Here is what will be included in box seven:

  •  “What Can I Taste” book, Silicone Fruit Feeder, Chewbie Turtle Activity Toy, Mama Bear Food Pouch, Handmade Pacifier Clip, and special gift for    mom.


How is baby 8 months old already? Your probably finding out your little one is more curious and active then ever before! Has baby started to crawl yet? If not, it will be happening soon! This is such an exciting time. Couple of toys that you will receive in box 8, will be perfect to set away from baby and get him to crawl to it. Here is what will be included in box eight:

  •  “My First Baby Signs” Book, Bell Rattle, Wonder Wheel, Sprout Baby Foot Teething Biscuit, Bamboo Bowl w/Animal Print, Bamboo spoon


There are going to be so many exciting developments that are going to happen with your 9 month old. From crawling to waving “bye-bye” and moving well in their eating journey with new tastes and textures. Box 9 has many fun toys that you will be able to play with your little one. Encourage your baby to explore the world around them! Here is what will be included in box nine:

  • “What Can I See” book, Sassy Bumpy Ball, Musical Shapes Tambourine, Musical Shapes Maraca, Oball Ball, special gift for mom.




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