12 Months Diaper Delivery


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Our year supply of diaper delivery service from Baby Showers By Mail doesn’t just pamper parents, it gives parents more time to pamper baby. Our diaper subscription is the best!



12 Months Diaper Subscription

Maybe you are becoming a Grandparent for the first time or an Aunt and Uncle welcoming a beautiful new baby into the family or just looking for a fabulous way to help your best friend. You really want to send a baby gift that is practical and shows mom how much you care. Our 12 months diaper delivery service is the perfect gift.

Baby Showers By Mail makes life easier one diaper at a time. Giving a year supply of diapers (12 cases) from Baby Showers By Mail doesn’t just pamper parents, it gives parents more time to pamper baby. What a pleasure to give and receive such a generous baby gift of twelve cases of diapers.

Our big diaper cases will last most new parents approximately a year.  (NOTE: we ship 12 big cases – but we don’t limit how often mom can order, unlike the competition that lets you order only one case per month).

How do you gift a year of diapers?

When you purchase this baby shower gift of a year supply of diapers, we are going to send mom a lovely welcome kit package that contains a letter that announces the gift of twelve big boxes of diapers.  The letter will contain all the instructions needed on how the diaper subscription gift works.

We include a magnet with our phone number and email address so the new parents can contact us.    These items, plus the gift you choose in the checkout process will be beautifully presented in a pretty gift bag.

Finally, a lovely card that contains your personal gift message is placed in a matching envelope and the gift is shipped to your loved one.

The welcome kit will either be mailed to you for presenting at the shower or in person.  Or we will ship to your gift recipient.  You will make that choice during checkout.   If you would like more information click on one of the links below:



The price includes shipping within the continental U.S. ONLY!

Additional information

Send Date for Welcome Kit

SEND NOW, SEND LATER (type date in gift message box)

Send Welcome Kit To

Recipient, Giver (Me)

Gift to Include with Welcome Kit

Guess How Much I Love You Board Book, Hot Latte Teether Rattle, Softie Bear

39 reviews for 12 Months Diaper Delivery

  1. Ciara Smyth

    My cousin got us a gift from Baby Showers by Mail for 13 cases of diapers ever since our first baby was born three years ago. She got us this gift every year for three years. It has seriously been one of the best gifts we as new parents could have gotten.

    The customer service is so good and ordering the cases is so easy. You place your order when you need them in the size you need them – so it’s literally a gift that grows with you and your new family. The flexibility of it is so awesome. And best of all, the cases of diapers are delivered so quickly – straight to your doorstep. As a new parent, having that benefit is so huge!

    Placing your order is done by sending a simple email and an actual person responds so quickly. The people have all been so nice to work with and so responsive and on top of their game. The brands they carry are top quality. And as a bonus, the actual gift letter that comes in the mail to notify you that you’ve been given this gift is so cute and sweet and it’s just so much fun to open.

    All in all, Baby Showers by Mail, is a very special company, and a very special gift. I don’t want to buy diapers from anywhere else. They just make it that easy.

    Ciara Smyth
    Rye, New York

  2. Megan

    Thanks so much! We hope to use you in the future again with future children!


  3. Calypso

    Baby Showers by Mail was by far my favorite baby shower gift! It was so convenient getting diapers when I needed them and at different sizes as my baby grew. Everytime I interacted with someone via email I got an immediate response and they were always sweet to me. I tell everyone about this service

    Calypso G

  4. Julianee

    Thank you for everything. This has really helped me a lot throughout my son’s first year. This is the best and brightest subscription ever! Continue to make new moms happy.

    Thank you!
    From a happy Mom

  5. Ryan

    “This service is priceless and is truly the gift that keeps on giving! The quick and easy ordering process is the cherry on top!”

  6. Tatiana S

    My experience with Baby showers by Mail has been amazing! It has taken the stress off of my mind when remembering to buy diapers, as any new mother knows the lists of tasks can seem endless. Baby showers by mail has made our life so convenient, with the ease of sending a quick email for diapers to be delivered, always within 2-3 days.
    I have gifted this service several times for family members in the past, but having this personally gifted to me for a year has been such an amazing experience. I look forward to passing this awesome gift and service to the next new mommy.


  7. Chloe S

    I have nothing but great things to say about baby showers by mail. I cannot recommend them enough! In fact, I find myself always recommending them to expectant friends/family. I have always had a very quick response from an actual PERSON. You never deal with robots or automated messages. The customer service at BSBM is unmatched! My husband’s grandmother purchased this gift for us when our son was born and we didn’t have to worry about diapers or wipes for the first 2 years of his life. So thankful for such an amazing and stress-free experience.
    -Chloe S.

  8. Sharee

    I don’t do a lot of reviews, but Baby Showers by Mail was given to me by a friend at my baby shower and it was basically a years worth of diapers. I used the small packages I got to fill the gaps when I would forget to order my next case, but this subscription lasted past my son’s first birthday. It was the best gift. The customer service is top notch and the delivery was quick. I’m never giving any other gift except this from now on. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    Sharee Garner

  9. Tiffany

    My FIL and MIL got us a years worth of diapers through this company and they were absolutely fantastic! If you are looking for a great gift for someone, I very highly recommend them. Even during the beginning of the pandemic when things were hard to come by, we had zero issues getting our diapers and they came very quickly and they were always super friendly and helpful. Thank you so much for everything!

  10. Ashley Waldron Spadora

    Great experience, diapers always came within a few days except for beginning of COVID when there was a diaper/TP shortage. They were great and helpful the entire time. This is such a great gift, easy to email and get an immediate response that diapers are on their way!


  11. Amanda

    Thank you so much for the wonderful services you’ve provided! We’ve been so happy with Baby Showers by Mail. The communication has been great and I always receive my order quickly. Would absolutely recommend!

    Thank you!

  12. Michele V

    Thank you so much! This has by far been the best gift I received since having my son. The diapers are of course a necessity and your team has been so responsive and professional. It has been a great experience and I highly recommend Baby Showers by Mail!

  13. Brianna W

    You’re customer service is wonderful by the way. I love how quick you guys are to respond and I always get my product in a timely fashion.

    Brianna W

  14. Erica B

    Diapers by Mail is a great service! I received 12 cases as a gift. I’d get low on diapers and order a box(which their cases are huge), and receive it the next day! The customer service is awesome!


  15. Erin L

    Just want to say thank you for being such a good service. This was a wonderful gift. Will happily recommend to others!

    Erin L

  16. Anna N

    I’m really glad I knew about this diaper delivery. Between my mom and I, we both ordered separately one year’s worth of diapers. Definitely convenient to have diapers delivered right to my house, especially since I have twins and don’t want to take them out to grab diapers if I’m running low. I also liked being able to choose the brand I wanted. The diapers are delivered very quickly also. I recommend you guys to everyone. And I’m sad it’s my last delivery because I’m not sure if we’re close to potty training.

    Anna N

  17. Kristi S

    This was by far the best gift I have ever received! I can’t thank my Grandmother enough for helping us out like this.

    Kristi S

  18. Molly

    This is the best gift that I have ever received.

  19. Megan H

    Baby showers by mail has been the best gift we have received for our first child. It has been so easy to order and shipping is really fast. We are now pregnant with our second child and will definitely be using the service again.

    Thanks so much for the great service!

    The Hellyer Family

  20. Mary Schneider

    This was by far the best gift I have ever received.

  21. JD

    This is the best gift that I have ever received.

  22. Jill B.

    Katie was very pleased with the convenience of your service. Thank you very much!

    Jill B. – giver of a year supply of diapers

  23. Sarah Hendricks

    The 12 months diaper delivery is amazing!! I received this as a gift and it has been wonderful. Baby Showers by Mail has been so easy to work with– they have just been terrific!!!

  24. E.W.

    We have already organized three other families to receive the year’s supply of diapers. They are a great group gift for a shower! All of our friends and family have been very impressed.

  25. Lisa

    Baby Showers by Mail is an excellent service! My daughter is now 2 and I have used them since she was born. They are so fast and reliable. You simply email them your order (at any time of day, or weekends) and they will always respond quickly and diapers are sent within a few days. It’s that simple! I received this as a gift for my baby shower and would highly recommend it as a gift for any busy mom! Thank you for providing such excellent customer service!

  26. J. Alexander

    Your service has been just great! Thank you!
    J. Alexander (recipient of a Year’s Supply of Diapers)

  27. David T.

    Thank you for the update and thanks again for all of your assistance and the professionalism your company showed this morning. I deal with a lot of companies on an international basis and few would have contacted me to attempt to save me money. I truly appreciate your professionalism and consideration. I will be sure to pass on your company’s name and service to other Icome in contact with.
    Best wishes,
    David T

  28. Madison

    I would like to place my 13th (last) diaper order : (
    Pampers cruisers: Size 4
    This has been a great experience & I will definitely be using y’all for future baby showers!


  29. Kayla T

    Baby Showers by Mail is the best gift I received as a new mom! It’s so convenient to have a monthly diaper subscription, they are so friendly and provide great customer service! If you’re looking for a special gift for someone you know look no further!

  30. Theresa P

    I also wanted to say thank you for prompt responses to emails and for the delivery of all my diapers. I would recommend doing this for someone else in the future. This was a great gift from coworkers.

  31. Erica B

    Thank you so much! This service is awesome. I really appreciate it.

    Erica (:

  32. Heather C

    Re-ordering diapers is easy, the service is friendly, and the timeliness of my deliveries is excellent. I love your service.

  33. Ah

    My best friend cried on the phone for about an hour when she received her first case of diapers and welcome kit in the mail.

  34. Terri P

    I believe this is the last shipment of my gift. THANK YOU for making this first year so much easier! I appreciated this service so much, and am getting it now for all of my friends when they have babies.

  35. Amelia J

    Thank you! This service has been amazingly convenient and your prompt service has been incredibly helpful! Over the past 14 months since our daughter was born, we have only had to buy diapers THREE TIMES!

  36. Ashley D

    What a great gift the gift of diapers was! Baby showers was very pleasurable to work with! All twelve transactions with them were very smooth and the process was so easy! I highly recommend them!

  37. Millie

    I just placed an order for my great granddaughter and it was so easy (even for an 75 year old ggma) . I called to get some information and the customer service rep was very friendly and walked me through the process. Thank you baby showers by mail for helping me find the perfect gift.

  38. Andrea D

    I think this is a very amazing idea and more people should start doing this, not only for a gift for a baby shower but for yourself. If I had more money I would definitely purchase this!!!

  39. Rachel Turner

    My grandparents bought me this for the past two years and I LOVE IT!! Shipping is fast and the customer service is great!! I’ve never had any trouble. I loved that in the beginning I was able to order a sample of each brand and different sizes. Great product!

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